Small Business IT Support

Ideal for companies that have between 1 and 20 people and require occasional IT Support

As a small business ourselves, 10th Dimension support small businesses and our pricing reflects this.

IT Support is one of those things in business that people often don't consider until after the horse has bolted. And it costs a whole lot more to get the horse back than it does to stop it from bolting in the first place!

Emergency data recovery is one of the main reason people contact us and whilst we can help you with this, having a robust backup strategy in place would remove the need to pay for this expensive exercise that can often cost thousands of pounds.

Take the first steps towards protecting your business by enquiring about an IT Support contract with 10th Dimension today. It could cost you less than a mobile phone contract!

At 10th Dimension, we see provide insurance against IT related disaster. Although, unlike insurance companies, we aim to add value to your business as part of our day-to-day activities by bringing our wide range of skills and experience to the table. A small business IT support contract with 10th Dimension provides you not only with the piece of mind and IT support that you need, but our IT Support contracts give you discounted access to our other services such as website design, search engine opimisation and software development.

With entry level IT salaries ranging from £25,000 to £60,000, IT recruitment can be a very expensive exercise. It is well documented that companies tend to hire an in-house IT person when they pass the 20 staff mark. Depending on the type of business you are in, this could extend beyond the 50 staff mark.

So clearly, the practicality of hiring an in-house IT professional depends on your type of business and level of service it requires. But the main constraint is often financial. Financial realities often make it difficult to add another person to the payroll and this is why some companies tend to add the IT support function to the duties of some other role such as the person in charge of Finance.

Either that, or the boss ends up wearing the IT hat.

Either way, the results are rarely ideal as a split in focus and limited expertise can often impact businesses that go down this path.

An increasingly popular alternative is to outsource IT Support to a company that specialises in providing small business IT services such as 10th Dimension.

Types of Small Business IT Support

We provide different levels of IT support depending on your needs. Our modular approach to pricing means that you don't pay for what you don't need.

Some IT companies work on the basis of fixing things as and when they break. Others work on the basis of 24/7 tech support where people are on call around the clock to keep everything up and running and to deal with any and all IT issues.

Whichever end of the spectrum you are at, 10th Dimension can provide a service that is geared to meet your specific needs at a very competitive price. We provide server, workstation, network and mobile phone support as part of our most basic package.

IT Support Projects

The fact that you are here means that you typically have identified a need for ongoing IT Support and we would imagine that you probably have a to-do list of projects or items that have built up over time.

Typically we are happy to support this initial flurry of activity and often provide this service at no additional cost. After that, we operate within the terms of our standard 12 month support contract after which they may be cancelled with a 30 day written notice.

Choosing the right Small Business IT Support provider

Every business has different IT support requirements. That makes defining what you really need an important part of the selection process.

In an ideal world, business owners should decide what result he or she wants to achieve and where appropriate they should determine how frequently it's required.

It may involve:

  • Setting up a new office, new networks or computers
  • Farming out specific tasks or activities that would otherwise be neglected
  • Setting up and supporting email services
  • Sorting out backups of your most precious data
  • Securing your systems against viruses and attacks

However, IT support needs are never static. As your business grows, the level of support that you need will undoubtedly change.

At 10th Dimension, we are entreprenuers just like you so we understand the need for flexibility and adaptability. This is why our contracts are built to flex as your business matures.

I don't need IT Support

Some people reach that conclusion.

Perhaps you are very IT savvy yourself and have never encountered a problem that you couldn't deal with. But we would question if this is the best use of your time? How many hours do you trawl through Google for answers to your problem that are often vague at best. Posting a question on a forum is no substitute to picking up the phone and asking an expert.

More to the point, what would you do if you couldn't resolve a problem?

We would encourage you to calculate the cost (or potential cost) of not bringing in help when considering whether or not you need IT support. If your invoicing system, email system or Internet connection went down, how much would that cripple your business?

If you mobile phone broke, could you wait 7 or more days for a replacement?