Pay As You Go IT Support

Our most flexible package for occasional IT Support. No upfront fees and no contracts.

How Pay-As-You-Go IT Support Works

If you're familiar with PAYG mobile phone contracts then you're familiar with PAYG IT Support. Simply call us to top up your support credits as and when you need to use them and they will be immediately available to use.

Our PAYG IT Support services are ideally suited to individuals and businesses alike whose IT Support requirements are uncertain or unpredictable. Our Pay-As-You-Go IT Support services are designed to give you the maximum flexibility with the minimum amount of expenditure. The only thing we refuse to compromise on is our highest level of customer service.

PAYG IT Support is especially suited to small businesses or start-up businesses where expenditure and administration needs to be keep to a minimum. It works exactly like a PAYG mobile phone contract.

If you need IT Support, simply call us to top up your minutes and we will only ever bill you for what you use.

No Contracts, No Commitments and No Worries!

Unlike many other IT Support companies, we don't have a minimum call charge and we bill by the minute. So if you simply need a 5 minute chat about how to do something, that's all you'll be billed for.

PAYG IT Support Pricing

Below you will find our PAYG IT Support prices. Discounts are available for start-up businesses and charities. Please contact us for more details about this offer.

Support Hours Per Hour Discount
1 Hour £100 0%
5 Hours £95 5%
10 Hours £90 10%
25 Hours £85 15%
50 Hours (popular) £75 25%
100 Hours £70 30%
250 Hours £65 35%
500 Hours £60 40%